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Effective Sales Presentations

Selling Skills

Overcoming Objections

Negotiation in Sales


What makes one sales presentation stand out over another? How can you distinguish yourself from your competition? With confidence, credibility and composure.

This program will teach your sales people three skills, along with many others:

They will learn how to gain information and insights about a prospective buyer in order to develop a presentation that addresses his/her specific needs, buying criteria and motivators;

They will heighten interest, attention and retention of prospects by injecting creativity into their sales presentation, and

They will increase the impact of their presentations by being ready to overcome objections and gaining buy-in more easily.

The result: Your sales people will impress potential buyers with professionalism and proficiency.

At the end of the workshopYour sales people will be able to:

Noticeably improve sales presentations and subsequently increase close ratio
Gain information and insights about a prospective buyer so as to develop and deliver a sales presentation in a manner that specifically addresses the prospect’s needs, buying criteria, motivators, and behavioral style
More effectively develop and deliver aspects of a sales presentation that are essential to a successful outcome: the opening, impacts of your product/service, prospect perceptions and “buy-in,” overcoming objections, and the close
Identify potential pitfalls in order to avoid them
Overcome the anxiety often associated with giving a sales presentation, and thereby present with composure that enhances credibility with prospects
Heighten the interest, attention, and retention of prospects by injecting creativity into sales presentations
Favorably distinguish sales presentations from those of competitors with professionalism and proficiencies


Includes study workbooks



Learning outcomes:

Identify strengths and weaknesses in face-to-face selling skills
Understand and utilize a model for collaborative selling
Change the perception of sales from persuasion or manipulation to partnering with customers

This workshop is perfect for selling situations in which building long-term customer relationships is critical to the selling process, custom-made product or service solutions are required to meet customer needs, and/or multiple decision makers are involved.

The focus of this program is on becoming aware of the strengths and weakness of ones selling skills. Participants will take a questionnaire to generate a profile of how well they use the skills required to sell successfully. They will also create a plan for minimizing the weakness and maximizing their strengths. Additionally, they will be involved with a few experiential games that will enhance their sells skills.



Ask any sales representative what the most difficult aspect of the sales process is and he or she will most likely tell you, "Overcoming customer objections." The successful handling of objections is a delicate skill that requires sales representatives to ask the right questions, identify customer needs, and satisfy expectations.

We teach participants proven techniques for managing this aspect of the sales cycle, including an Affinity Diagram, a Decision Equation, and the Four A's Model, an effective step-by-step approach for handling objections.

The training begins with an introduction to the different categories of objections, and a lecturette that familiarizes participants with the decision-making process and the Four A's Model. Then, using cards that present realistic sales objections, participants practice conquering them using the four-step approach. Finally, action planning enables participants to apply their learning to potential real-life sales objections.

Learning outcomes include...

Discover how purchasing decisions are made
Identify four categories of objections
Use a reliable model for responding to objections
Practice responding to typical customer objections
Apply skills to real-life objections

This program involves experiential games and no video



While selling requires persuasiveness, negotiation is principally about problem solving, and developing creative solutions to challenges. Participants learn to identify negotiation styles in themselves and others, and how to use negotiation during the sales process. Through skill building exercises and role play, they will learn how to plan and conduct effective negotiations, to respond to difficult questions and obstacles, and finally, close the deal.

Gain a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between
selling and negotiating
Learn overall guidelines for handling effective sales negotiations with
both internal and external clients and customers
Identify your own and others’ preferred negotiation style
Identify various sales negotiating tactics and how to effectively deal
with them
Develop the communication skills required to negotiate effectively –
e.g. listening, questioning, and clarifying
Learn to plan and conduct effective negotiations through skill building
exercises and role play

Participants will receive a workbook.


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