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Frequently Asked Questions
We do our training at your your convenience. If you desire, we can find a training site for you.


How much does your training cost?

Each 4 hour training program is currently only $2,750 for up to 20 people. The programs may have additional nominal costs for training supplies and workbooks. Travel expenses are not included unless it is local (San Francisco Bay Area).


How many people can you train at the same time?

Typically no more than 20 is best. An ideal number is 10-15 people. We can train as little as 4 people.


Who are the trainers?

4 hour trainers are all senior trainers each with over 15 years of training experience. Most have Masters or better and are experts in their field. Please see our trainers biographies by going to the Who Are We page.


What training methodologies do you use?

All programs are fast-paced, highly interactive, fun and uses accelerated learning approaches. All programs include videos or simulation games, small and large group discussions, ideation and brainstorming, icebreakers, warm-ups, inclusion activities, group memory, demonstration and practice, lecturettes, and small group work. Other training methodologies might include: role-plays, case studies, games, story-telling, etc. Our training involves solid content that addresses a clear and specific business need and produces measurable results.


What is accelerated learning and it's results?

Basically, it is the practical application of psychological research to assist learners access the enormous potential that they have to learn new things rapidly and easily. It involves the Whole brain. It focuses on using all sensory modalities, and a variety of learning styles. It is interactive and participant centered learning.
Covering more content in less time and with reduced learner frustration.
Making it easier for learners to "digest" content that is complex or theoretical.
Making it easier for participants to master skills by providing increased opportunity for practice.
Increasing retention by creating vivid & memorable learning experiences.
Facilitating transfer of learning to the job by spending more time on application.


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