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Project Management in 4-Hours
On-site training

For staff and managers working on projects who are
limited on time
and need to
Project Management skills
to complete their project on time,
within budget and with desired results.

This 4 Hour workshop provides participants with the practical step-by-step essentials that will result in good sound management and effective project completion.

In 4 hours the participants will learn: 

The practical and easy-to-use steps for managing projects

How to ensure that project ends on time and within budget

How to make use of the “wisdom” of the project team and get their buy-in

About the power of the team and the keys to collaboration

Key elements and tools of project management such as:

    Work breakdown structure
    Defining project goals, scope and criteria
    Project documentation
    Importance of Communication
    Responsibility Matrix


Easy-to-Follow Workbook

All participants will receive a workbook that include all of the easy-to-follow instructions for completing all the critical project management steps

To order single workbook click here



Learn Critical Project Management Skills

  • Deliver projects that are complete, on time, within budget, and that achieve desired results.

  • Clarify and state project goals.

  • Develop project objectives, a work breakdown structure (WBS), and a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM).

  • Establish project resource requirements.

  • Assign subproject managers.

  • Develop project plans.

  • Complete project responsibility assignments, project cost estimates, and project plans.

  • Identify potential problems and make plans to prevent them.

  • Identify potential opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

Learn Important People Management Skills

  • Communicate effectively about project goals, assignments, plans, and progress.

  • Facilitate group involvement in problem solving, decision making, and planning.

  • Build teams that are committed to project success.


4 Hour Training is
onsite management
& employee training that..

Is budget sensitive
Takes 4 hours or less!
Focuses on core-competencies
Accommodate multiple learning styles
Is video or simulation game based
Uses accelerated learning methods
Is skill and performance based
Is flexible

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