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Hire The Right Person In Less Time

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Our managers to be trained in Behavioral Interviewing Skills.

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Behavioral Interviewing Skills
for Managers and Employers
in 4-Hours

On-site training

For managers who are

limited on time
and need to
to hire the RIGHT person

This 4 Hour workshop provides participants with the practical step-by-step essentials and tools that will result in good sound hiring decisions.

In 4 hours your managers will learn how to..

Identify competencies to screen for
Write behavioral-based questions
Conduct an interview effectively
Avoid legal pitfalls
Evaluate candidates’ responses objectively
Start new employees off on the right foot

Interview Plan

Each participant will come out of the training with a complete plan for conducting interviews for a particular position.

Interactive Format

This workshop is fast-paced, highly interactive, and productive. It includes role-plays, discussions, demonstration, practice, and lecturettes. Participants will be working individually and with groups.

Workshop Outline

Preparing for interviews
Identifying competencies
How to find the right people
How to effectively read resumes
Establishing rapport with the candidates
Determining what questions to ask: Behaviorial
Knowing what questions not to ask: Hiring Law
Selling your organization
Steps to end the interview
Role play and interview practice
What to do after the interview
Common mistakes to avoid
Getting the employee off on the right start

Easy to Arrange

Its easy to arrange. Just pick a time and place and we will send a expert trainer out to you. Contact us for a proposal.


4 Hour Training is
onsite management
& employee training that..

Is budget sensitive
Takes 4 hours or less!
Focuses on core-competencies
Accommodate multiple learning styles
Is video or simulation game based
Uses accelerated learning methods
Is skill and performance based
Is flexible

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"Excellent Workshop "
Manager of Training

"Very informative on key interviewing steps that need to be followed...great job!! "
Operations Manager

"It gave me specifics on how to hire...its a great roadmap to use and a great guide for the future."
Director of Business Development

"The material was very easy to follow."




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