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.4 Hours That Will Make A Significant Difference

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Delegation in 4-Hours
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For staff and managers who are
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This 4 Hour workshop provides participants with the practical step-by-step essentials and tools that will result in good sound delegation and resulting in effective task and project completion.

In 4 hours your managers will learn: 

WHY it is important to delegate

WHAT to delegate

WHO to delegate to

WHEN to delegate

HOW to maintain control of an assignment

WHERE delegation is appropriate

The result is:

Greater competence and confidence in delegating

Create a stronger team and collaboration through being clear on your roles

Positively influence, empower and motivate your team members

Have more time

Delegation Plan

All participants will come out of the training with a formatted and strategic plan for a particular delegation they will implement in the near future.

Focus on Results

Because it is critical to make use of the tools we teach we examine the barriers to delegating and provide concrete solutions. Participants will also be asked to commit to use one or more new skill/tool by completing our "Committment Form."

Interactive Format

This workshop is fast-paced, highly interactive, and productive. It includes an effective video, discussions, demonstration and practice, lecturettes, and role-plays. Participants will be working individually, in small and large groups.

Typical Outline

  • Introduction the subject and provide context
  • Explore why is it important to delegate: consequences of poor delegation
  • Establish what is best to delegate
  • Determine who to delegate to
  • Answer when is the best time to delegate
  • Establish a process for delegating: breaking down the steps
  • Focus on where is the best place to do your delegation
  • Create delegation plan
  • Look and deal with barriers to delegating
  • Self Assessment: Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Summarize by looking at the overall keys to delegation
  • Making commitment to delegation
  • Conclude and evaluate


Each participant will receive a folder of course materials which includes all the forms used in the training. They will also be provided with special access to our delegation web page to download additional forms whenever they need it.

Easy to Arrange

Its easy to arrange. Pick a time and place and we will send an expert trainer out to you.

One-on-one Coaching

We also provide one-on-one phone/virtual training. Please contact us for more information and pricing


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4 Hour Training is
onsite management
& employee training that..

Is budget sensitive
Takes 4 hours or less!
Focuses on core-competencies
Accommodate multiple learning styles
Is video or simulation game based
Uses accelerated learning methods
Is skill and performance based
Is flexible

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"Valuable Training"
Project Mgr

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"Great information - CD is nice touch so we can access forms."
Senior HR Advisor

"Made me take time to be more introspective"
Senior Manager

"There was interaction throughout the entire class, using personal and relevant information throughtout...It was kept fun and people stayed interested"

"Clear and Effective"
Vice President of Engineer firm